Designed to create an artistic dialogue between the capital city of the most populous black nation
and the rest of the world.


Abuja Photo Festival is designed to create an artistic dialogue between the capital city of the most populous black nation and the rest of the world. It aims to connect the international audience to indigenous art that highlights the existential realities of the modern world through local eyes. Organized by Art for Humanity Foundation Nigeria since 2017, Abuja Photo Festival was founded for the art community and the general public to interact with art as tool for social change. The event re-presents art as a critical part of social evolution with the power to prompt conversations and move into spaces beyond the borders of biases and stereotypes. It showcases works by activist-creatives who seek to visually protest against existing gaps in the delivery social justice in Nigeria.  With over 10,000 visitors, who come to the various locations of the festival for the exhibition and workshops, in the last five years, the festival has featured works from artistic movements such Expressionism and Futurism and brilliant individualists such as George Osodi, Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Don Barber, Aisha Augie-Kuta, Reze Bonna, Anita Eboigbe, Hakeem Salaam, Nelly Ating, Yagazie Eguare has graced its podium. This year, Abuja Photo Festival will take the discourse about art in the directions of democracy, exploring the connections between art, artists and the making of a functional society. The dynamics of all activities will artistically mainstream the deocratic pulse of the nation.


In the last 5 years, over 3,000 young people have attended the Abuja Photo Festival where they acquire important photography skills and follow developing trends in the industry.

  • Built a community of your creatives with membership of over 300 photographers who get mentorship opportunities with globally recognized photographers through thematic masterclasses.

  • Provided earning opportunities to over 100 photographers through our Project Referral program.

  • Launched Emerging Artists project where young creatives are supported with support funds to assist them carrying out personal thematic assignments focused on amplifying unreported grassroots stories.

  • Broaden the understanding of independent photojournalists on ethical reportage of migration issues in Nigeria. The participants in the “En Route” project created images, which were curated for exhibition in Abuja.

  • Empowered the marginalized and vulnerable internally displaced teenage girls through skill acquisition in photography, teaching them how to put their aspirations and hopes in pictures and further seeking to help them earn a living through the arts.