The Abuja Photo Festival is a captivating celebration of visual storytelling through the lens. The vibrant event brings together photographers, artists, and enthusiasts from around the world to showcase their creativity and perspectives. The festival features diverse exhibitions, interactive workshops, and engaging panel discussions, fostering a platform for dialogue on the power of images in shaping narratives and promoting cultural exchange. With both physical and virtual components, the festival aims to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary photography while encouraging innovation and collaboration within the global creative community.


The following activities will be carried out at the photo festival.

Photo Exhibitions

Visitors are hosted to indoor and outdoor artistic installations on thematic images that raise collective consciousness on the existential realities of everyday people

Creative Connect

A creative conversation between artists, civil society, development partners, and government officials converges on drawing a roadmap for the role of photography in building a better society.

Framing Next

We collaborate with secondary schools to expose their students to expert photographers who engage and share their experiences with the young audience

Master Classes

Hands-on master classes are organized. The classes focus on various technical aspects of photography as well as the art of storytelling for impact.

Sisters Art

An all-girls session that serves as a mentorship and support space that connects experienced female photographers with early-year and aspiring female creatives.

Photo Walks

Photographers will embark to trips to local communities to document the everyday life of the people and enter the images for a photo competition in the course of the Festival.


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