Abuja Photo Festival is designed to create an artistic dialogue between the capital city of the most populous black nation and the rest of the world. It aims to connect the international audience to indigenous art that highlights the existential realities of the modern world through local eyes.
Organized by Art for Humanity Foundation Nigeria since 2017, Abuja Photo Festival was founded for the art community and the general public to interact with art as tool for social change. 


The following activities will be carried out at the photo festival.

Photo Exhibitions

Visitors will be hosted to indoor and outdoor artistic installations on thematic images that raise public consciousness on the need to more involved in democratic process.

Town Hall

A creative conversations between artists, civil society, development partners and government official that converges on drawing a roadmap on the role of photography...


We collaborate with secondary schools to host exhibitions in within the school premises and photographers engage with young audience...

Master Classes

Hands-on master classes are organized. The classes will focus on various technical aspects of photography as well as the art of storytelling for impact.

Sisters Art

An all-girls session that serve as a mentorship and support space that connects experienced female photographers with the early year and aspiring female creatives.

Photo Walks

Photographers will embark to trips to local communities to document the everyday life of the people and enter the images for a photo competition in the course of the Festival.



In the last five years, the festival has featured works from artistic movements
such Expressionism and Futurism and brilliant individualists