Art, politics and seeing the society more fully

The relationship between art and politics is multifaceted. Art can contribute and shape political discourse by reinforcing or interrogating political ideologies and views. More often than not, art is a disruptive form of expression that serves as a tool for rethinking existing social realities.


Rather than providing the answers, visual arts are often used to draw awareness to underrepresented political issues. Artworks hold a mirror up to the society and provide a different perspective on certain public arguments, bringing forward the power of art to inspire and ask questions about the everyday life of citizens.


As Nigeria prepares for its general elections, art can serve as a tool to interpret critical political issues and to provoke important political questions in the mind of citizens. The role of art is expected to not only end at highlighting certain narratives predominant today, it is expected to rouse alternative thinking that opens conversations in ways that empower citizens to make informed choices in the upcoming elections.


The goal of the 6th Abuja Photography Festival, is to use art to galvanize citizens for more participation in the electoral process. The event is designed to inspire and empower citizens, especially young people to become active change-makers in their surroundings by not only coming out to vote during elections, but also to hold leaders to account for good governance.


The 2022 photo festival will feature socially engaged activities that are participatory, gathering artists and the general public in an attempt to use photography as a common language to strengthen the democratic process in Nigeria

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Since 2017, We have served as a hub that empowers young creative to use imagery as tool for social change while connecting them to a diverse global audience through exhibitions, masterclasses, artists’ reviews and workshops at the annual photo festival and other year-round artistic opportunities.

Through mentorship and peer to peer networking, we support the community of visual storytellers in their journey of self-expression and serve as an artistic space that enables the stimulation of creative energy.

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