Boundaries of Reason

This year’s theme is an attempt to interrogate the concept of individual absoluteness. Inspired by the avalanche of subjective arguments and propagated self-truth as public convictions, it is therefore critical for artists to draw a reminder to the concept of individual subjectivity and to amplify the notion of one sidedness in every voiced opinion.

Every artistic work is a point of view to a general reality. Every artistic representation is a slice of a broader narrative. The theme -Boundaries of Reason- is therefore an attempt through the curated exhibitions at the Festival and weeklong conversations to bring reminder to the critical need for intellectual tolerance and the self-benefiting acceptance of others’ side of the story in the attempt to extend our individual set boundaries of reason.

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Since 2017, We have served as a hub that empowers young creative to use imagery as tool for social change while connecting them to a diverse global audience through exhibitions, masterclasses, artists’ reviews and workshops at the annual photo festival and other year-round artistic opportunities.

Through mentorship and peer to peer networking, we support the community of visual storytellers in their journey of self-expression and serve as an artistic space that enables the stimulation of creative energy.

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